Papers submissions

The journal welcomes submissions in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English. Papers must not exceed 50.000 characters with space (about 18 pages), footnotes and bibliographical references considered. All papers must be submitted in Word 97-2003 format. The body of the paper is to be edited in Times New Roman 12, 1,5 line spacing, 6 pt paragraph spacing and no pagination. Papers should be sent to with a publishing request letter. The paper is to be composed in the following order: title; author´s name followed by a footnote with academic / professional ties and e-mail; an abstract no longer than 200 words; up to 5 keywords; title in Portuguese; an abstract no longer than 200 words in Portuguese; up to 5 keywords in Portuguese; text; bibliography.

Papers formatting

Citations longer than 3 lines must be detached from the body of the text with a 4.0 cm left page margin, simple line spacing, font Times New Roman 10. The first mention of a bibliographical reference is to be followed by the used edition´s publishing year, such as in the bibliography. Citations´ references should be presented in the body of the text by the author-date call system. Footnotes must be exclusively explanatory, not bibliographical, and their usage restricted to the minimum necessary. Citations in footnotes must follow the author-date call system. Italics should be restricted to titles of works cited and foreign words and, exceptionally, to emphasis. Bibliographical references, at the end of the paper, are to be disposed alphabetically by authors surnames, edited with default 3,0 left page margin, with single spacing per reference and 12 pt paragraph spacing between references. They must also obey the following sequence, as appropriate:

- Books
SURNAME, personal name initials. Title. City: Publisher, publishing year of the used edition.

- Journal Article
SURNAME, personal name initials. Title. In: Journal Title. City, volume, number, period and year, pages.

- Chapters in books
SURNAME, personal name initials (author). Title. In: SURNAME(S), personal name(s) initials (organizer[s]). Book Title. City: Publisher, publishing year of the used edition, pages.

Double blind review system

When the editors receive the papers, they are submitted to the Executive Committee, responsible for assessing whether or not a text is adequate to the scope of the journal. After this first evaluation, if the papers are accepted, they are forwarded to two consultants, according to the double blind peer-review system: the consultants are not informed of the authors´ identities, nor the authors are aware of the consultants´ names. The peer-reviews may: approve the paper; do not approve it; approve it on the condition that it suffers revision. In the latter case, the paper returns to the author, who will have a short deadline to make the corrections.


After the paper´s final version is submitted, it will still be sent to our revision team, which will indicate eventual technical mistakes, whether grammatical or of disagreement to our editorial guidelines. 


All papers´ contents, including references, citations, images, graphics and other published data are of the authors´ exclusive responsibility and do not reflect the Journal´s editorial team´s opinions.